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‘Bahuru, directed by Mr. Walt Hampton, is a 15 member Zimbabwean marimba band, comprised of middle and high school students. If you’re unfamiliar with African marimba, you will be amazed by the big, rich, earthy sound of ‘Bahuru’s music. ‘Bahuru has established a reputation for their wonderful, energetic performances in the Mid-Columbia region.

The name ‘Bahuru came about in the following manner: wanting to distinguish this band from his marimba band at Sunset View Elementary, Mr. Hampton began by referring to the band simply as Big Marimba. Not finding that name sufficiently catchy, he turned to the Zimbabwean translation for big marimba, marimba huru, finally contracting it to simply ‘Bahuru.

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The ‘Baduku Marimba Band, created in 2011, is the newest member of the TCSBA family. Its members are middle school-age kids under the direction of Walt Hampton. They perform at area venues and went on their first tour in the summer of 2012.

The name ‘Baduku came about because the older band, ‘Bahuru, is a mashup of Marimba and Huru (big). Duku means small in the Shona language of Zimbabwe and since the band is smaller and younger, it became ‘Baduku for “small marimba”.

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