OK*2*Botay & ‘Baduku Tour Oregon

The two middle school-age bands OK2Botay and ‘Baduku toured through the rainy state of Oregon at the end of June. They performed and played at the Evergreen Wings and Waves water park in McMinville, then headed to Salem where they performed at a senior center to rave reviews, and then onto the very rainy World Beat Festival. Despite the rain, everyone had a great time and made many new friends. On the trip home, the group fed some fish at the fish hatchery, then stopped at the Maryhill Museum in Washington and Botay entertained the group while dancers did their own entertaining with the Limbo, The Hustle, the Can-Can.

CCTV Salem has posted the entire show on YouTube! Watch OK*2*Botay – Watch ‘Baduku

Click Continue Reading to see lots of photos from the tour.

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