Bram Bratá Steel Band

Bram Bratá plays at Seattle's EMP in 2014
Bram Bratá plays at Seattle’s EMP in 2014

Bram Bratá is our senior steel drum band. The name Bram Bratá is derived from two Trinidadian slang words meaning “an unexpected party.” Audiences  find this a fitting name as they enjoy the challenging and varied repertoir of Carribean, Soca, jazz, popular and even classical music. Spontaneous dancing is not uncommon.

Mr. Ben Leggett directs Bram Bratá and arranges or writes most of the music. The band practices twice a week and performs on the average about two times/month in the community and throughout the Northwest. Bram Bratá has performed in Hawaii, Disneyland, and at Caribbean Music Festivals in Oregon and British Columbia.

Steel drums are remarkably versatile instruments. Bram Bratá plays an eclectic mix of traditional Trinidadian steel drum music, Caribbean favorites, soca, jazz, classical and modern pop and rock tunes. For example:

  • Hot, Hot, Hot!
  • Bee’s Melody
  • Moondance (Van Morrison)
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart)
  • Blue Rondo a la Turk (Dave Brubeck)

Visit our CDs page to purchase our music and listen to samples. The video below and many more are available on YouTube. If we’re coming to play for you and you’d like some images to use for marketing, check out the Media for Steel Drum Advertising page.

Bram playing The Hammer on their 2016 tour in Bend, Oregon.